Metalworking Fluid Management


Present, modern machine tools place heavy demands on metalworking ffiluids. This makes  on-going testing and maintenance of paramount importance. We offer metalworking flluid  management designed to help keep all your coolant systems performing to optimum efiiciency.

pH Meter is used for quickly and accurately checking coolant pH level. lt really is an indispensable tool forproper coolant maintenance.

Refractometer is used for checking coolant  to ensure the optimum concentration is   maintained at all time. The correct  concentration is critical for optimum value of  the coolant. Over or under concentrating   coolant wastes money.

Essential for all metalworking system to   ensure to correct coolant concentration is   consistently maintained. The unit provides  accurate fluid mixing that can be adjusted   to suit the required concentration. Under   diferent feed water pressure and fluid  viscosities by adjusting the screw valve

Fluid discharge equipment is designed for 200 liters  drum using air system high due to no electricity and  no moving part inside reduce  the chance of sparks.Suitable for high security applications.

Suction equipment is designed for providing   the solutions to your sump cleaning problems   by removing spent coolants, oils or waste  fluids from machine sumps, reservoirs or  storage tanks. It is safe suction when the drum  is full.


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